Monday, March 11, 2013

What are these Brown spots on my skin? Reflections of You Salon and Spa Fairfax Va. Skincare tip

Do you ever wonder what those brown spots on
your Skin and Face? 
You do but more importantly how do you get rid of them.
The brown spots are hyper pigmentation caused by sun damage or impact to the skin. Basically the cells are damaged and cannot produce melanin at a normal rate.
Good news we can get rid of them. Yippee! They are very specific treatments and a few options.

You can use an IPL which may be the quickest; however it can be very expensive about $300-$400 per treatment. You may need anywhere from 4-6 treatments everyone skin responds different. This will treat the appearance of the "HP". But you will still have to use a skincare regime at home.

There are very specific ingredients that must be in your regimen. Hydroquinone, retina, and vitamin c. "HQ" will bleach the brown spots on a dermal level. This is where all the new skin is being made. Retina will exfoliate the epidermis which is the top layer of the skin and vitamin c will slow the production of melanin and will brighten the skin.

Personally we are getting excellent results in the treatment room by using microdermabrasion paired with chemical peels. Guest are seeing spots lightning after just 1 treatment. The at home regime consists of Image MD, vital C and skin lightening serum. If you are fighting brown spots on your skin and would like to see results Stop by for your free skin analysis with Gretchen Alessi Master Aesthetician. Reflections of You Fairfax Salon and SpaFairfax Va.

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